Thursday, 7 July 2016


  #1 I am proud of  Pirongia's got talent was very exiting for me because it was my first performance ever. In the show I was nervous at first but it turned into excitement. Our song was: that power by and Justin Beiber.
#2 I am proud of the tough guy challenge.
The tough guy challenge was very messy and 
fun. I enjoyed:tipping over hay bales,squelching through the mud run and rolling under the cargo net.   
#3 I am proud of getting three star beads and two 
sports beads this year.

#4 I am proud of Gym sports training because I 
trained hard and managed to learn the routines.

#5 I am proud of my writing I have been a very good writer this year.
 I am great at personification and imagery.   

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