Friday, 13 May 2016

about me 2016

About me 2016

Hi my name is Jordan,I am 10.
My teacher is Mrs Hobbs. My hobbies are lego,cats,computer games,swimming,family,my birthday and animals. My favourite subjects at school are draft writing and blogging.

I am interested in dragons, aliens,hybrids,futuristic technology,horoscopes,pixels and space.
My favourite series of books is worriers: four groups of civilized  cats that live in territories and have meetings every full moon.
 They also have profhasys that tell them the future.

My other favourite triolagy 
is Z.rex/raptor/apocalypse:13yr old Adam adlar is on the run from an invisible monster created by an evil company called geneflow suloions,trying to kill him.

I have been to Australia,movie,dream world and Rainbows end. 
 My favourite beach is Mataringi,I have the geatest memories there.[beaches I have been to]:Little Waihi,New chums.     

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