Thursday, 7 July 2016


  #1 I am proud of  Pirongia's got talent was very exiting for me because it was my first performance ever. In the show I was nervous at first but it turned into excitement. Our song was: that power by and Justin Beiber.
#2 I am proud of the tough guy challenge.
The tough guy challenge was very messy and 
fun. I enjoyed:tipping over hay bales,squelching through the mud run and rolling under the cargo net.   
#3 I am proud of getting three star beads and two 
sports beads this year.

#4 I am proud of Gym sports training because I 
trained hard and managed to learn the routines.

#5 I am proud of my writing I have been a very good writer this year.
 I am great at personification and imagery.   

Friday, 24 June 2016

jordans reflection 24.6.16

This week we have been working on our models.
It has been fun painting and gluing and sticking.
My model is of a black hole spaghettifiing planets.
My question is: what causes spaghetafficaaion?
It has also been fun choosing our own topics and 
I used a funnel,glitter,black paint,a vacuum and some wool.
please can we do more work like this? 


Friday, 17 June 2016


This week we have been learning about planning for argument writing. 

We learnt this for our speeches and our persuasive writing. This is how you do it.

You have to come up with a topic first and this is your title like; Hunting should be banned. Then you need to decide if you agree or disagree.  Next you have to find main points to go under agree or disagree.
Stops killing native animals

pest control, people get food       

Friday, 20 May 2016

Jordan's reflection 20. 5.16

This week we have been working on more personification.
I have thought of more personification  sentences to write.
We  are learning this because we need to make our writing juicier and to create a picture in a readers mind. 
Doing personification is very easy if you know what to do.
Here is an some examples:  1#  The thorns scrape my back with knife-like fingernails .
2#  My umbrella screams as it is ripped from my fingers in the winds vice -like grip.
3#  The sun blazed as it devours the storm clouds.
4#My lawn mower revs as it eats the grass,enjoying its feast.
There are some sentences so you know what to do. 


Friday, 13 May 2016

Writing Reflection 6.5.16

This week in writing we have been learning to personify everyday objects.

Here is an example: "The palm tree soldiers guard the road."

Or "The leaf slowly lowers itself down from the autumn tree.

Personification is giving non-human things human actions such as walking,talking etc.
Learning to personify is harder than it looks.

the triathalon

 the triathlon 2016.
I step onto the line to face my first challenge:running around the block.
"And go!" I begin pumping my legs as fast as they would go,starting to run out of breath a-few minutes later.
 Everybody was passing me so I dawdled with Jeremy who has Asma.
We ran when we could and pushed each other.
When we arrived,exhausted at the bike transaction area I slumped on my bike and took off  again.


about me 2016

About me 2016

Hi my name is Jordan,I am 10.
My teacher is Mrs Hobbs. My hobbies are lego,cats,computer games,swimming,family,my birthday and animals. My favourite subjects at school are draft writing and blogging.

I am interested in dragons, aliens,hybrids,futuristic technology,horoscopes,pixels and space.
My favourite series of books is worriers: four groups of civilized  cats that live in territories and have meetings every full moon.
 They also have profhasys that tell them the future.

My other favourite triolagy 
is Z.rex/raptor/apocalypse:13yr old Adam adlar is on the run from an invisible monster created by an evil company called geneflow suloions,trying to kill him.

I have been to Australia,movie,dream world and Rainbows end. 
 My favourite beach is Mataringi,I have the geatest memories there.[beaches I have been to]:Little Waihi,New chums.     

Friday, 8 April 2016


In reading we have been learning to summarize.
Summarizing is identifying the main events in a story and what happened in that time.
  We watched a video about summarizing  that kept repeating itself.
"It went something like this: summarizing means main events from start to end!"
We also did a sheet and we had to summarize our current book we were reading, mine was called Thunder Rising.