Monday, 7 December 2015

This is me  with my creations: happy rock, pencil holder, triceratops tiny shavings holder.   

Thursday, 24 September 2015



`What would you choose?
chocolate cake or lettuce?
cake or broccoli?
If you’re anything like me I would have chocolate cake for breakfast,lunch and dinner. But my mum won't let me so what's wrong with having lots of sugar every day?

Reason 1: Added sugar is single most worst ingredient in the world.
Did you know? people can die from sugar.
R2 In one pottle of yoghurt there is 10 teaspoons of sugar.
R3 sugar is hidden in surprising foods such as tomato sauce,bread,cereal,fruit,
takeaways and even in health foods.Instead of milos and Hot chocolates you should have homemade fruit smoothies and nuts for snacks.
we need to reduce sugar in our foods Health foods have added sugar in them to make them to taste
people think that buying health foods is good but really it’s not.
sugar is so addictive so how do we stop?
eat healthy food!
The goverment should run a food process that extracts all added sugar from foods.
Refiend sugar has little nutrients.
75% of sugar is hidden.
I reckon we should treat once a month so we can reduce the chances of dieing.
home made food has absolutely NO  sugar in them.
so now you must be convinced that sugar is the new evil in our diets.        

Vinegar explosion.
Hurry up hurry up I yelled.                                                                                                                                
Have you ever wondered what causes vinegar  & baking soda explosion.     
For my science  experiment  I chose gas. I used baking soda,vinegar, balloons and bottles. I think that when baking soda and vinegar mix it causes a chemical reaction that creates a gas called carbon dioxide(co2) . the carbon dioxide that builds inside the bottle rises                                                                                            into the balloon to make it swell. these explosions are caused by acid reactions.

I think the reason for this is the ingredients.

Friday, 28 August 2015

I like this subject.  It involes computer safety. 
Lock up Information. 
I like being super man in our production: Opening 
Doors to Our Dreams.

On camp we travelled to Waimarino park in Tauranga. This is me, Jordan, in the hot pool.